Tandem flying involves a pilot flying with a passenger.Both have separate harnesses that are attached to each other and to the wing. They are built for comfort and safety, and they feel like an armchair in flight. Once launched the passenger just sits back, relaxes and takes in the epic scenery. You can take pictures yourself, or you can ask your pilot to do all the hard work for you and snap off a round of quality pictures & high definition movies with a GoPro camera. All our pilots use GoPro Hero2/3 cameras and will take a minimum of 50 pictures and 2 movies. For your tandem flight, the journey begins at our offices in Lakeside, where after booking and shortly before departing on your adventure, we show you a brief movie explaining the tandem flight experience and making sure you have the required footwear & clothing for your flight. We then board our jeep, and take a 20min ride up the mountain to the famous viewpoint spot - Sarangkot. This is where we launch from, a spectacular spot 2000ft above and overlooking the Pokhara valley, with 3 of the highest mountains in the world - Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manasulu dominating the skyline to the north. Sarangkot is a world-class paragliding spot & it is an amazing place to experience paragliding for the first time.



The Cloudbuster is our most popular flight. There are 4 departure times throughout the day - at 9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm. You don't have to take the whole day out either as our turnaround time is just 2 hours. Perfect if you have a spare afternoon after returning from a trek. With this flight, you can expect the thrill of high flight as we thermal up above Sarangkot in the company of eagles & vultures.
We land by the lake.

Flight time: 20-30 mins
Price: 7,500 rupees + 13% Value Added Tax



This offers you the chance to experience the ultimate in free flight - flying from one valley to another using thermals, clouds & birds to guide us along the way. This is an unforgettable journey around the Pokhara valley which will leave you feeling elated & speechless. Departure times are 11am and 12.30am every day. As with the cloudbuster, we land beside the lake.

Flying time: 40-60 mins
Price: 10,500 + 13% Value Added Tax



Available only in the spring months (Feb- April), the super XC is a once-in-alifetime  experience that will take you on a journey deep into the mountains to the north of the Pokhara valley, covering perhaps 30-50kms in distance, and ascending to dizzying heights. Our world-class pilots will happily take you on an amazing journey for 90-120 mins into the heart of the Annapurnas. You will need a strong sense of adventure and some warm clothing & gloves.

Flying time: 90-120 mins
Price: 17,500 + 13% Vat



The biggest shot of adrenaline in the Himalayas. See what our world-class acro pilots can do with a wing as you loop, spin and spiral through the air. Performing manoeuvers called “Helicopter” “SAT” “Back-fly” “Tumble” and “Wingover”. 5-10 min flight.

Flying time: 5-10 mins

Price: 7,500 + 13% Vat